ECOMMBANX offers a fully-compliant money transfer network structured for speed and reaching most worldwide territories. Our sophisticated banking transaction network aims at satisfying the most demanding technical standards and quick innovations as needs arise. ECOMMBANX architecture is smart, user friendly, secure and reliable.

At ECOMMBANX we take pride in our know-how and experience in connecting with international banks, e-money and financial institutions, providing to our clients with fully-integrated software solutions tailored to their requirements and advanced technological needs.

Products on Show

As an Electronic Money Institution, we provide e-accounts, client accounts and general e-accounts operations. By operating an e-account to ECOMMBANX platform, our clients can send and receive payments in multiple international currencies and actively make currency conversions between the accounts. For international companies this is a huge advantage simply because it makes the world a smaller place to transact in multiple currencies!

• E-money transaction methods
• Strongly-encrypted PSD2- compliant platform with banking integration
• Omnibus B2B accounts
• Multi-currency conversions
• Unique IBAN per account
• SWIFT and SEPA Participants
• Multiple bank routings for e-accounts
• Instant Fast Payments
• Options to repeat previous transaction or set as favourite
• Upload and auto-execute payroll and multiple payments via batch transfer