Payment Experts - EFiS is a solution provider for dometic, European and internnational payments processing. Since 1997 we are a certified SWIFT Service Bureau. We provide SaaS solutions and connectivity to: SWIFT, SWIFTNet Instant, RT1, TIPS, EURO1, STEP2, BACS and SIC. In addition, we offer EBICS connectivity, a Compliance Suite and consulting services. Our hot topics: SWIFT gpi, Instant Payments and API Banking.
EFiS is a privately-owned company with a head office in Dreieich near Frankfurt/Main as well as subsidiaries in London, Zurich and Gdansk. We serve more than 70 customers and are a trusted partner for banks and corporates. EFiS AG delivers best in class payment solutions since 1984 and is always close to their customers.
We connect business instantly.

Products on Show

Instant payments & API Banking
Real time booking system
SWIFT for corporates
SWIFT for banks
FX/MM Confirmation Matching
Collection & Matching of Account Statements