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INTIX – the data management FinTech

INTIX helps financial institutions become data centric. INTIX addresses the challenges faced by financial institutions such as aggregating data from multiple data sources and delivering the appropriate analytics and insights. INTIX shields end-users from the complexity of internal systems, transaction semantics, messaging formats and e-channels.

Thanks to improved accessibility to financial transactions, financial institutions understand and serve their clients better and track service delivery performance more effectively. They develop a competitive advantage which drives client satisfaction and business growth.

INTIX helps its clients transform data into a new economic asset.

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Products on Show

Transactional Data Management Solutions
- INTIX Message Archive: provides banks with an innovative searching and reporting functionality on all their financial messaging data, supporting all financial messaging standards and handling billions of messages.
- INTIX Message Warehouse: provides a business intelligence solution, full content‐based, and offering user‐defined graphical dashboards on all financial messaging data.
- INTIX Message Monitor: provides banks with a real-time, content‐based monitoring and alerting solution, allowing for example intra-day liquidity monitoring.
- INTIX Message Tracker (BAM): provides a single window on all system‐to‐system communication. It will correlate individual messages in real‐time and recognize conversations across formats, systems and technologies.

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