ProgressSoft Corporation


ProgressSoft is a real-time solutions leader that provides a pioneering Total National Payments System (TNaPS) to economies at large, consolidating solutions all in one system in the fields of Central Bank Digital Currency, Mobile Payments Switching & Clearing, Mobile Payments, Real-time Retail Payments, Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, Real-Time Gross Settlement, Automated Clearing House – Direct Credit and Direct Debit, Mandate Management, Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Check Clearing. This is in addition to Wage Protection, Dispute Management, and Signature Verification and Intelligent Signature Recognition. ProgressSoft’s TNaPS finalizes payments instantly using Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or by settling them using e-money through our RTGS solution.

Products on Show

ProgressSoft’s Total National Payments System (TNaPS) consolidates all ProgressSoft’s payments, clearing and settlement solutions, which include:

• Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency (PS-CBDC)
• Real-time Retail Payments System (PS-RPS)
• Real-Time Gross Settlement System (PS-RTGS)
• Mobile Payments Switching & Clearing (PS-mpClear)
• Mobile Payments System (PS-mPay)
• Automated Clearing House (PS-ACH)
• Mandate Management System (PS-MMS)
• Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (PS-EBPP)
• Wage Protection System (PS-WPS)
• Salary Management System (PS-BankPay)
• Electronic Funds Transfer (PS-EFT)
• Corporate Banking System (PS-CORPay)
• Nationwide Electronic Image-based Check Clearing (PS-ECC)
• Dispute Management System (PS-DMS)
• Signature Verification & Recognition (PS-SIG)
• Automatic Signature Verification (PS-ASV)