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Scanovate provides a comprehensive identity management platform for financial institutions. Scanovate uses its proprietary Dynamic Imaging Platform and Facial recognition technology to perform onboarding and KYC from the front-end while delivering a back-end platform to manage the compliance and risk activity in an all-encompassing end to end solution. These abilities tremendously reduce the risk of the service provider while keeping customer satisfaction at a high. The unique combination of a robust front-end open platform combined with a comprehensive Back-end platform that actively monitors and manages the compliance activity makes Scanovate the best technology for financial institutions. Scanovate changes the way financial institutions deal with dropping conversion rates, the everlasting regulatory demands and yields friction-less solutions tailored made for banks that ensures their full transformation to the digital era.

Products on Show

1. Facial biometric engine- this technology has the capability of establishing the correlation and similarity between facial images with the highest level of assurance.
2. Liveness detection- this technology is designed to prevent presentation attacks on the facial biometric component by detecting the use of screens, photographs, and masks that can be used by malicious parties attempting to impersonate an individual registered to the system.
3. Digital identification document processing- this technology allows the fast and accurate extraction of data from structured identification documents in real time via a mobile SDK or a web service.
4. Process management and control platform- this tool provides continual management of the identity transactions conducted on the platform for audit and control purposes.

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