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STET is one of the leading payments processors in Europe operating both a highly performant CSM and a Card authorisation Switch, STET processed over 23 billion transactions in 2017.
STET’s CSM offers processing services for the full range of payment instruments and has a 52% market share. Its Card authorisation network handled over 6.6 billion ATM and POS transactions in 2017.

Building on our experience and know-how we are now making the preparations for the launch of our Pan-European SCTinst CSM in November 2017.

STET is further working on PSD2 solutions for PSPs and facilitating the launch of IPs through the delivery of a mobile proxy database and fraud detection services for IPs.

Products on Show

Instant Payments services are solutions to new market challenges such as the rapid growth in peer-to-peer and mobile payments, and the general trends towards a cashless society.

SEPA.EU is a pan-European CSM for clearing and settlement of harmonized SEPA scheme transactions, minimizing risks by ensuring irrevocability and reliability in cross-border and domestic traffic.

We have proven top performances on our core services bringing competitive advantage for our clients & partners and, thanks to our high level of in-house technical capabilities, we now bring our clients one step further with valued-added services such as Fraud Scoring and Proxy Data Base.

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