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At SunTec Business Solutions, we help our clients increase the lifetime value of their customer relationships through effective revenue management and real-time customer experience orchestration. We are the leading provider of experience orchestration solutions not only to financial services but also digital and communications services industries. With a legacy of deployments in 40+ countries, SunTec is a trusted partner of the world’s leading banks and digital and communication service providers. Headquartered in India, we have our offices in USA, UK, Germany, UAE and Singapore. With a team of highly skilled folks and our highly innovative product development models, we help our clients to always remain at the cutting edge of technology.

A stable, mature and flexible product suite, Xelerate is benchmarked regularly for optimum performance.

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Xelerate helps our clients extract maximum value from existing systems by easy integration and automation of the manual business processes, Xelerate has been instrumental in driving down operational expenditure by more than 40% for a top brokerage firm in the US and reducing the bill generation lead time by close to 90% in one of the top global banks. The highly configurable nature of Xelerate allows business users to use the system intuitively through effective product management, thereby decreasing turn-around time for launching new products and price-plans. Using Xelerate, our clients have brought down the complexity of creation and launch of an offer.
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