Swallow Tech


Swallow Tech is a leading provider of high-quality software applications to the international financial marketplace with special emphasis on matching, reconciliation and Anti-money Laundering, Liquidity Management solutions.
Swallow Tech Ltd was founded in 1984, by former bankers and SWIFT collaborators to help the banks to better manage the data transiting by SWIFT Networks. We have now over 150 installations in more than 50 countries, ranging from a single user set-up through to global processing hubs and 400+ concurrent users.
With offices in London, Brussels, Tunisia & Mauritius and a number of agents around the globe, Swallow Tech offers a combination of local touch and global reach.

Products on Show

Swallow Tech offer is a truly integrated suite of functionally rich modules that can be combined or used separately to offer the highest levels of automation and operational efficiency in the areas of:
1. Treasury and Cash Management Solution
2. Nostro and vostro reconciliation
3. Intra-day reconciliation
4. ATM & Credit Cards reconciliation
5. Filtering & monitoring of suspicious financial transactions
6. Profiling & Client Screening
7. Real Time Detection of Duplicate financial transactions
8. Financial transactions archiving and management
9. Forex and Money Market confirmations reconciliation.

3. Debt Market Solution for Investors & Investment Managers