TAS Group


TAS Group delivers software solutions for electronic money, payment systems, capital markets and extended enterprise. Our offices span 8 countries but our secure solutions manage financial transactions worldwide.

We empower financial operators to take advantage of opportunities in the post-PSD2 instant era, helping them bring together the latest technology and best fintech partnerships to lead the market in today’s new payments ecosystem.

Trusted by European Central Banks to manage millions of financial messages each day, our solid reputation and SWIFT expertise has made us an ideal strategic partner. Our securities software, Aquarius, is leading the way for T2/T2S Consolidation while our Card Payment Systems manage over 100 million cards.

Products on Show

All-in-1 solution for Securities, Cash & Collateral management with integrated Liquidity and Settlement. Supports all T2S features, BCBS248 compliant for intraday liquidity and Stress Testing.

TAS Network Gateway
Harmonise centralized & distributed data exchange models with real-time data feeds for Instant Payments. Merge legacy, disruptive and proprietary messaging protocols.

TAS Open Banking
Complete solution for distributing & managing PSD2-compliant APIs. Allows rapid deployment of Instant payments pilot services with multiple schema/ACHs.

Fraud Protection
Uses advanced analytics and machine learning to identify payment anomalies, providing an effective response to SEPA/Instant Payments/PSD2 fraud challenges.