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Trace Financial Limited supplies Transformer, the faster way to build message validations, enrichments, mappings and transformations – no matter how complex. Transformer is used by major financial institutions, service providers and vendors. Users can quickly build solutions for JSON, ISO 20022, MT and MX, as well as FIX, FpML, and many other standards and formats. Complete, pre-built MT-MX conversion libraries are available. Transformer does not require any coding stage, and is deployable into any technical infrastructure. Trace Financial also supplies the CREST Bridge, a reliable, well-proven integration solution for Euroclear UK & Ireland’s CREST, and CAMS, the leading corporate actions management system.

Products on Show

Transformer speeds the delivery of message transformation projects up to tenfold, helping financial firms work more far efficiently with messages:

* Maintain compliance with evolving message standards
* Validate against both public standards and in-house rules
* Enrich message content using a wide range of data sources
* Map between different syntax structures
* Implement complex decision logic and business rules

Transformer's ready-built libraries cover SWIFT Standards, JSON conversions, MT-MX mappings, FIX, FpML, CREST and more.

Trace Financial also provides robust, well-proven integration solutions for Euroclear UK & Ireland's CREST Service, and fully SWIFT-enabled Corporate Action Management solutions.

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