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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) is funded by the Federal Government to generate new knowledge in materials science and device fabrication and use these advances to deliver game-changing devices that improve people’s lives.

Our headquarters are at the University of Wollongong, along with the ANFF Materials Node that enables the scale up of materials processing and novel hardware for 3D printing applications.

Our researchers are passionate about using newly discovered materials in medical applications, and we have developed a suite of additive fabrication tools in the area of 3D bioprinting.

We deliver bespoke 3D printing solutions by identifying and adapting materials and fabrication practices for the clinical environment, including bioinks, customised 3D printing technologies, and individual printing protocols and arrangement of structural and bioactive materials for optimal performance.

Products on Show

• The Biopen – in partnership with St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, we have developed a bioink and hand-held printing device used in surgery to repair damaged cartilage;
• The iFix Pen – a collaboration with the Lions NSW Eye Bank and Sydney University to develop a 3D printer that repairs corneal ulcerations;
• 3D Alek – Working with Prof Payal Mukherjee from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to build a multi-material customised biofabrication 3D printer to treat microtia;
• Pre-printed parts – we will have a range of polymer and metal 3D printed parts on display.

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