Press lists

The SIBOS press list 2019 will be updated on a rolling basis.

For data protection reasons, we only distribute the names of the publications and of the journalists without further contact details.

Please contact the press office team with any questions.

Press lounge

The Sibos press lounge is available to accredited journalists only. Messages for the press can be left on the message board at the entrance of the press room.


Quiet interview rooms are adjacent to the press lounge. You can meet journalists here for Sibos related interviews. Slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Press releases

If you would like to distribute information to the press, you may do so at the Sibos press room.

We recommend that you distribute press releases electronically, as the press lounge is paperless, in line with a greener Sibos.

If you still wish to drop off a press pack or gift for members of the Sibos press corps, please limit print copies to a maximum of ten, and address gifts to specific members of the press.

Please note that the Sibos press office will not distribute press releases on your behalf.