Announcing our charity partners for Sibos 2019

Each year, Sibos works with carefully selected charity partners in the country where the event is taking place. This is an important part of our pledge to have a positive impact in the locations where we do business.

This year the chosen charity partners are The Honeypot Children’s Charity and Speakers for Schools, reflecting our belief in the importance of caring for the community and promoting equality and diversity.


The Honeypot Children’s Charity and Speakers for Schools are our charity partners for Sibos 2019


Since 1996, The Honeypot Children’s charity has been providing respite breaks and support for young carers and vulnerable children across the UK, many of whom would otherwise have nowhere to turn. The charity is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to support what’s been termed the ‘hidden army’ of young carers. It’s estimated that there are some 800,000 young carers in the UK and they spend many hours each week caring for their loved ones – giving them their medication, completing household chores and helping with personal care.

The charity supports children aged 5 to 12, who don’t tend to have access to other support. Honeypot provides regular respite breaks at one of its two houses, with one located in the New Forest and one in Pen y Bryn in Wales. Visiting children can take part in a range of activities which they wouldn’t normally have the time or resources to participate in, from baking to swimming to arts and crafts. Honeypot also supports children in their own community, with a mobile Playbus where children can play and reconnect with friends they’ve made through the charity.

Honeypot’s aim is to help children build resilience, confidence and their self-esteem so they can reach their full potential.

We are also partnering with Speakers for Schools, a charity that bridges educational inequality by helping established influencers and industry leaders give their time to state schools. Founded by journalist Robert Peston in 2011, Speakers for Schools aims to ensure young people of all backgrounds have the chance to be inspired and encouraged by the leaders of today, sparking their ambitions and belief in what’s possible for the future. It brings state schools access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK.

Speakers for Schools arranges assembly-style talks from high-profile figures, and also supports businesses in running high-impact work experience programmes. The charity has reached over 600,000 young people to date through over 7,000 speaker and employer engagements in over a third of all secondary schools and colleges across the UK. The Speakers for Schools speaker roster includes some of the most influential people in the UK - CEOs, politicians, leaders in the arts and university professors. They would very much welcome Sibos speakers who would like to get involved with their work.

More details on how delegates, exhibitors and speakers can support these charities will be revealed in coming weeks. Sign up for Sibos Insider and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure you receive all the latest updates.

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