Go green at Sibos 2019

Stéphanie Gerniers, CSR manager for Sibos, explores this year's environmental initiatives at Sibos 2019 London

Stéphanie Gerniers
Stéphanie Gerniers
CSR Manager for Sibos

As leading scientists, environmental experts, and progressive world leaders present undeniable evidence of climate change, and call for transformational action, we increasingly recognise it’s the greatest threat to the future of our planet. We have a responsibility as individuals, and members of the financial industry, to drive tangible change, and we’re putting green initiatives at the heart of Sibos 2019 London to help make this happen. 

Driven by external influencers, as well as an empowered and socially aware younger generation of workers, the financial sector has raised its game, with significant contributions to environmental and social causes each year. Our industry is making its product offerings more sustainable, and accepts the shared responsibility we hold to deliver a cleaner, greener industry.  

At Sibos 2019 London, we’re taking steps to fight climate change, limit the event’s impact on the environment and raise awareness of green issues among delegates via dedicated conference sessions.

Carbon emissions associated with travel are one of the main contributing factors causing environmental damage. To reduce the accumulative carbon footprint of Sibos 2019 attendees we are partnering with WeForest to plant at least 60,000 trees (seven for every delegate attending) in the Desa’a forest reserve in Ethiopia, where nearly three quarters of the forest has already disappeared. We hope this initiative will help restore the native forest and conserve its biodiversity, while boosting economic development in the region. We will also be providing all delegates with free Oyster cards to incentivise use of public transport throughout Sibos week.

A major theme of this year’s conference, Banking for a Better World, will debate issues such as financial inclusion, green banking and the need for diversity and ethics and trust, all crucial to the transformation required to combat climate change. Banking for a Better World will challenge delegates to think not just about their immediate corporate concerns, but about wider geopolitical, social and environmental issues. We all need to ‘walk the talk’ to deliver meaningful change.

We’re working hard to cut down on single-use plastics this year by providing reusable bottles and ‘edible water’ to all delegates. ‘Ooho’ capsules, used by runners at the 2019 London Marathon, are ideal for Sibos where delegates are ‘on the move.’ The capsules are made from 100% biodegradable brown algae by London start-up Skipping Rocks Lab.

Exhibitors can reduce waste by donating and recycling exhibition stand materials, stand items and conference furniture to our Repurpose with Purpose campaign with Ecobooth. Materials such as graphics, signage, flooring and more can easily and efficiently be recycled. Even better, the materials will be transformed into picnic benches for East London schools. We have already heard about many exciting sustainability initiatives from exhibitors and encourage everyone to participate in this fantastic scheme.

No single cause will reverse the effect of climate change, but there is an onus on all of us to act. We hope Sibos 2019 London will leave a lasting legacy, increasing environmental awareness and commitment, and we are grateful to delegates and exhibitors for supporting the initiatives we have in place.  

To sign up to the Ecobooth Repurpose with Purpose campaign please contact today.