Sibos Update

ICYMI… Sibos Summer Snapshot

Last week Sibos hosted an evening of summer networking as an early preview of how this year’s event is shaping up

Sibos Summer Snapshot was kicked off by Oisin Lunny, tech evangelist, who will host the new Spotlight stage at Sibos.  As the evening’s compere, he introduced Asif Faruque, head of content at Level39, the Canary Wharf based accelerator.

Asif explored Canary Wharf’s rich history of supporting financial innovation and the culture that has made it a focal point for the world’s leading financial institutions. Canary Wharf’s dominance has also made it an excellent home for the dynamic cybersecurity and fintech firms that Level39 supports, and Asif welcomed the opportunity to see much more of this talent at Sibos later in the year.

The centrepiece of the evening was a talk from Pascal Coppens, an Innotribe speaker, prolific entrepreneur, and one of the foremost experts on doing business in China. His presentation, also the subject of an upcoming book, provided fascinating insight into ‘China’s New Normal’ – a society and economy dominated by technology.

In a country where mobile payments and facial recognition are everywhere, and data is collected on everything from your social standing to the steps taken by your food, being part of a dominant digital ecosystem is essential for new technology. Pascal explored the implications of China’s technological evolution for our work and lives, and asked whether we’re prepared for the level of innovation on the horizon. We look forward to hearing more from Pascal at Sibos in September!

The evening was rounded off with a short speech from Chantal Van Es, head of Sibos. Chantal highlighted the record number of exhibitors coming to this year’s event, the exciting fintechs in the expanded Discover Zone, and the host of new initiatives – such as Talent Thursday, designed to advance emerging leaders. This year’s Sibos promises to be the biggest, best and most amazing ever!