Sibos Update

Innotribe announces its programme for Sibos 2016 in Geneva

Fully integrated on the exhibition floor, Innotribe will build a welcoming and interactive space at Palexpo, where delegates can together explore emerging trends and consume thought-provoking content.

Innotribe’s programme will run throughout Sibos week with each day dedicated to a particular theme. Day 1 will look at disruption re-designed, day 2 will explore the modern organisation, day 3 will examine man-machine convergence, and the programme will conclude on day 4 with an in-depth look at platform cooperation.

This year’s Innotribe sessions will challenge existing perceptions and cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from disruption patterns, organisational design, and the latest developments in AI, to the latest thinking in cybersecurity. 

Following the launch of the Global FinTech Hubs Federation (GFHF) in August, there will be a number of spotlight sessions that focus on different FinTech hubs from around the world. With the increasing number of FinTech hubs over the last few years, every city wants to become the FinTech capital of the world and there is a strong battle for talent, startups and investment between economic financial centres.

The GFHF aims to fulfil the need within the international FinTech community to create a truly cross-border and open platform that brings together established and emerging FinTech hubs to boost innovation within the financial sector.

Sibos will also be a platform to showcase Innotribe’s major initiatives, including the Industry Challenges on Securities and Compliance, and the Startup Challenges, which will highlight technologies developed by the startup communities in Africa and Latin America.

The programme features a host of the industry’s leading thinkers and subject experts. These include:

•    John Hagel, Co-Chair, Deloitte Centre for the Edge
•    Jon Stein, CEO & Founder, Betterment
•    Michell Zappa, Founder, Envisioning Tech
•    Niels Pflaeging, Co-Founder and Associate of the BetaCode Network
•    Simon Wardley, Industry and Technology Mapper, CSC Leading Edge Forum
•    Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO of The Futures Agency
•    Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist and Fellow, Harvard Berkman Klein Centre
•    Eric Rosenblum, Executive, Palantir
•    Bruce Schneier, Cybersecurity guru, CTO, Resilient and Special Advisor, IBM Security
•    Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus


For the first time, the popular ‘Future of Money’ session will be a Big Issue Debate, at 14:00 on Monday 26 September.


Other must-attend sessions include:

•    Patterns of disruption in wholesale banking (Monday 26 September, 09:30)

This session will explore nine patterns of disruption defined by Deloitte Centre for the Edge and how they impact FX, trade finance, and securities business.

•    Situational awareness maps (Tuesday 27 September, 15:15)

This interactive session will immerse delegates in the principles of situational awareness mapping, helping them to understand the different methods and how they can avoid a ‘me-too’ culture.

•    Innovation in cybersecurity: Innovative defences to innovative attacks (Wednesday 28 September, 15:15)

This important session will highlight some of the latest, sophisticated cyber attacks and investigate how to address them with innovative defence strategies.

•    Forward compatibility (Thursday 29 September, 09:30)

Forward compatibility is a capability to plan ahead for gradual adoption by an ecosystem. This session is about knowing how to get to the next destination on transversal topics like distributed ledger technologies and cybersecurity.

•    DLT and cybersecurity: Sibos week wrap-up (Thursday 29 September, 14:00)

This must-attend session will concisely summarise all DLT and cybersecurity main sessions from Sibos week, highlighting key learnings through video and live scribes. An essential end to the week for those who were unable to attend them.


In addition to the various sessions, there will be a number of activities at the Innotribe stand throughout Sibos week. There will be a series of book signings from some of our key speakers, and visitors will be able to enjoy Jimmy Monkey coffee from 08:30 every day. 

Last but not least, Innotribe will partner with the Swiss FinTech players on Wednesday 28 September, and give the opportunity for delegates to meet and network with the local FinTech ecosystem. This free event will be held in the centre of Geneva, starting from 19:00. For further details and to register your interest, visit the event webpage.

For the full Innotribe programme for 2016, visit the Sibos website or download the flyer