Innotribe announces its programme for Sibos 2017 in Toronto

Big ideas always start somewhere – most times in places like a café, coffee shop or over lunch. This year’s Innotribe sessions will be hosted in a similar setting to reflect the first inspirational meetings that lead to big ideas. 

Focusing on “the how” of innovation, Innotribe will highlight how adjacent industries - such as the shipping, governmental, retail, medical and military industries - have solved their innovation challenges and explore their journey as a source of inspiration for the financial industry. 

Innotribe will also introduce a brand new session format: the Sense Maker sessions. For 30 minutes, the Sense Maker sessions will explore topics such as cyber hygiene, artificial intelligence, and FinTech investment - combining inspiring content with proper time to network, over a morning coffee or cocktails in the evening.

Four days to cover the most crucial challenges for the future

During the Future of Money debate in 2016, we argued Big Data was the new oil after discovering many companies were extracting value from the information posted on social networks.  This year, Innotribe at Sibos will begin with a look at identity and how it can be the key to unlock the potential behind Big Data. 

Another attention point will be how industries can create a space for innovation on top of legacy systems. It is important to examine how the shared roots of the shipping and securities industries can lead to a different way to manage and evolve critical infrastructures. While understanding where Artificial Intelligence can be used, we can’t just forget about the number one priority: humans.

Moving away from “problem-first” thinking and lean toward “solution-first” thinking. While we consider replacing existing technology as an answer, we first need to understand the question at hand: “What business problem are we trying to solve for our customers?” How can business model innovation bring in new opportunities? 

Two major topics that also frame our businesses nowadays are regulation and cyber security. How has the regulatory sandbox environment influenced our thinking? What are the current perspectives? How can we make sure we protect our industry in the right way? 

Speakers to inspire, challenge, and transform your thinking

To walk you through this packed programme, Innotribe is pleased to welcome some of the industry’s leading thinkers and subject experts, such as:

  • Prof. Vladan Joler, Share Foundation’s director and professor at New Media department at University of Novi Sad. Prof. Joler also leads SHARE Lab, a research and data investigation lab for exploring different technical aspects of the intersections between technology and society. 
  • Linda Kozlowski currently serving as Etsy’s Chief Operating Officer. During her 20 year career, Linda has served as COO of Evernote, held senior positions at, and worked at various roles in operations, international marketing, business development, public relations, and customer service.
  • James Baker has been reporting on business and shipping for over 20 years. After eight years as news editor at leading shipping publication Lloyd’s List, he has now taken the helm at sister publication Lloyd’s List Containers, where he covers the global liner, ports and logistics industries. He has previously covered IT and telecommunications for national newspapers and online publications.
  • Clara Durodié, business technologist with Board level experience and an expert in applied A.I. in financial services. Clara is the CEO of Cognitive Finance Group, a consultancy and investment company focused on applied A.I.
  • Amber Case studying the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think, act, and understand their worlds. Case is currently a fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society and a visiting researcher at the MIT Centre for Civic Media

Throughout the week, Innotribe will also welcome various FinTech hubs from across the globe, helping us to draw connections between the institutes, and exploring how they envision current and future collaboration with their counterparts and the financial institutions.

Last but not least, Innotribe invites you on Wednesday 18 October to meet and network with the Canadian FinTech ecosystem. Starting from 19:00, this free event will be held at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, in the centre of Toronto. Visit the event webpage for further details and to register. The Canadian FinTech scene will also be represented during the Sibos week. Visit the Canada Lounge to meet and connect with the country’s brightest FinTech startups.

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