Innotribe - exploring the new face of trust in 2019

Innotribe’s preparations for Sibos 2019 in London are well underway, with a programme in store you won’t want to miss

This year, Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services, will sit at the heart of a Discover Zone, which is 80% bigger than at Sibos 2018 in Sydney.


Building on a decade of innovative insights

Innotribe has provided Sibos delegates with insights into the future of banking for more than a decade, steadily building its reputation for addressing critical themes and trends with informed, inspirational speakers and innovative session formats. Every year we have the pleasure to welcome a growing number of attendees and are delighted to hear the positive feedback from our delegates.

In short, Innotribe has worked relentlessly to earn your trust over the years, and at Sibos 2019, we’ll be exploring the new face of trust for banks and their customers in a world transformed by digitisation.


The evolving face of trust

In a sharing economy, where technology is enabling communications and transactions between strangers, how should we adapt concepts of trust, identity, reputation and credibility? How do trusted intermediaries in the financial sector adjust their value propositions to diverse customer groups? What are the challenges and opportunities that we all face as trust is codified and commoditised? 

In Sydney, Innotribe asked ‘If trust is in the network, what’s the point of you?’ prompting banks to consider their role in a future in which trust can be guaranteed by technology. In London, we’ll be digging deeper, exploring the evolving nature of trust across all four days.


What to expect from Innotribe at Sibos 2019

  • Monday – We kick off the week by placing the fluid concepts of trust and identity in the context of the digital economy, where sharing data is increasingly central to interactions and transactions with service providers. Already, identity data is starting to replace money as the key component in digital commerce, but much of the necessary rules, infrastructure and mechanisms are not yet in place.


  • Tuesday - New rules may also be needed to monitor and control the greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks that currently rely on the (sometimes flawed) judgement of humans. Tuesday’s Innotribe looks at the governance challenges presented by handing more responsibility to intelligent machines, including the potential need for a digital ethics treaty.


  • Wednesday - As has become traditional, Wednesday’s Innotribe agenda will be led by the flagship Future of Money session.  This year we address the future of cryptocurrencies, which have the potential to replace cash for everyday transactions as well as paving the way for tokenisation and mobilisation of hitherto illiquid assets. Cryptocurrencies are starting to evolve from being the ‘Wild West’ of the finance sector; Wednesday’s sessions will reflect on their potential to develop into dynamic but stable and trusted enablers of growth.


  • Thursday - The greater role of intelligent and interconnected technology in our economic and social lives means greater risks and losses if that technology is compromised, potentially exposing private and confidential data to exploitation by cyber-criminals and other nefarious actors. Thursday’s sessions will conclude the week by exploring how frameworks, cultures and competences need to improve to ensure individuals and companies can transact securely and protect privacy.


Erosion of trust can build barriers, but structures that embed trust can boost confidence and inspire mutually beneficial interactions.  In this world, no one can afford to be complacent.

Stay tuned for programme updates

Innotribe will explore all these topics through both familiar and new formats, with keynote presentations and panel discussions blending with interactive Sensemaker sessions and Curated Networking.

For now, keep checking for information you can trust on Innotribe’s agenda for Sibos 2019. You can also sign up for our newsletter, Sibos Insider to stay informed.