Innotribe at Sibos 2019: Curated Networking

Meet the speakers, get a signed book and hear from the Sibos hackathon!

Innotribe at Sibos has always been a great forum for learning about challenges and opportunities on our common journey to a digital future. With a great line-up of speakers from futurists to scientists, the Innotribe programme at Sibos 2019 London will focus on the evolution of trust and its implications for business, technology, and society.

Innotribe will host Curated Networking sessions on stand at the end of each day Monday through Wednesday (16:30h), and during lunch on Thursday (12:00h). This is the perfect opportunity for delegates to meet and interact with our speakers of the day,  ask questions directly, and discuss which business challenges keep them awake at night. Sibos delegates will also have the chance to pick up a signed copy of the books written by some of our speakers!


Book Signings

Tuesday 24 September

10:45 - Gerd Leonhard “Technology vs Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine”

13:00 - Paul de Gelder “No Time for Fear”

16:30 - Pascal Coppens “China’s New Normal” (during Curated Networking).

Wednesday 25 September

16:30 - Brett King “Bank 4.0”

Thursday 26 September

12:00 - Dave Birch “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin: From Money that understand to Money that understands us” (during Curated Networking).


Hackathon update

During the curated networking sessions, delegates will also have the chance to hear about a new initiative at Sibos this year – the developer hackathon. Participants will include fintechs, startups (early and growth stage), big technology firms, and banks, among others. Each team will be composed of a cross-industry mix of developers, so collaboration will be key.

Towards the end of each day, the coordinators and the hackathon teams will take the Innotribe stage to give an update and share their ideas and progress with the Sibos community:

  • Meet the teams and find out about the challenge - Monday 23 September, 16:45
  • Update from the teams – Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, 16:45
  • Team pitches and audience/delegate voting – Thursday 26, 12:15


Join us for Curated Networking sessions each day on the Innotribe stand – find out more on or on the Sibos App.