Sibos Update

Innovation for the senses

Coffee culture is closely linked to the innovation community; it provides the fuel for discussion, debate and idea generation, whilst café spaces often serve as affordable, social workspaces for those leaving the corporate office to work on their concept.

This year will be the fourth Sibos that Jimmy Monkey has served, having first appeared at the Innotribe stand at Sibos 2015 in Singapore. Regular delegates will now be familiar with the brand’s speciality coffee, brewed by innovative Slayer espresso machines using single origin beans and handcrafted blends. 

Jimmy Monkey was established in Singapore in 2010, as part of the city state’s burgeoning café scene. But Jimmy’s Singaporean roots go back much further than that.

Founder and Managing Director Michael Ryan, originally from Melbourne, explains: “The name goes back to my childhood, when my mother’s friend gave me a toy monkey when I was born – a little best friend. ‘Jimmy Monkey’ was a song by Australian folk musician Patsy Biscoe that my mother would sing to me, and so it became his name.”

“In 1981, on my first trip outside of Australia, I visited Singapore, and unfortunately left Jimmy in a hotel. Following a bout of separation anxiety, the hotel kindly posted him back to me in Australia.”

“Jimmy Monkey first fell in love with Singapore in the 1980s, so I brought him back. It’s a meaningful, emotive name to me, but I'm also happy to realise that it appeals to the general customer."

Evolving through the years

Since Jimmy Monkey’s Sibos debut, the on-site barista team has served around 10,000 cups of coffee to thirsty delegates each year during Sibos week.

And each year, the team goes a step further in its quest to bring coffee artistry to attendees. 

In 2015, Jimmy Monkey set up a straight bar at Marina Bay Sands to bring their signature espressos to the event and put on a show for delegates. In 2016, the team returned in Geneva with a wider range of single origin beans and a streamlined set-up. 

Last year in Toronto, Jimmy Monkey added a second bar to cater for increased demand, added a cold brew option and brought in a local partner roaster from Calgary. They also rigged up a camera so that those queuing could watch the baristas in action as they waited for their turn.

Thinking outside the bag

According to Ryan, “with the opportunity a show like Sibos provides, we challenge ourselves to think what else can we do to elevate people’s experience and keep turning heads.” 

In line with this ethos, there are new additions planned for Sibos 2018 in Sydney. The team will be setting up their largest coffee bar to date, complete with three espresso machines – and they will also be introducing a tea bar.

Ryan continues: “How do you make tea sexy? Well, it’s a lot more complex and dynamic than just dangling a bag in a cup. We will showcase this in full experiential fashion with a range of Western, Eastern and herbal teas.”

The tea bar will feature 10 different leaf teas, which will be vacuum brewed, an organic whole leaf & spice chai and also a number of tea lattes, which include turmeric, beetroot, matcha and butterfly pea.

Respecting the environment

All the ingredients used in the coffees and teas will be sourced from local suppliers, based in Melbourne and in Western Australia. All cups, lids and sachets on site will be 100% compostable, with no non-recyclable products used.

“It’s very important for us as a business to have sustainability as a focus,” said Ryan. “It underpins our future, and the future ability of our customers to drink these great products.”

“We want to help change mindsets. By doing it to this scale, at such a large event, we hope to inspire others. Everyone has to start somewhere – let’s do things differently!”

Jimmy Monkey will be at the Innotribe stand, located in the Discover Zone on L4 of ICC Sydney, between Monday 22 and Thursday 25 October. 

Come for a free coffee and stay for a conversation! The full Innotribe programme is available on