Sibos Update

Introducing our brilliant Innotribe Day Anchors

The Innotribe at Sibos programme for 2018 will showcase a different theme each day – Trust, Quantum, AI and Cyber – each hosted by one of our fantastic Day Anchors.

Our anchors will take us on a journey into the future, looking at the nascent technology of today that could transform the financial services industry of tomorrow, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities ahead with a host of top speakers.

Using the insights gained throughout each of their days, the anchors will then lead curated networking sessions in the Discover Zone, giving Sibos delegates the opportunity to meet and connect with our topic experts.

Day 1 is all about Trust. Renowned innovator and founder of FemTech Global, Ghela Boskovich, will kick the week off by looking at decentralisation as a new form of Trust, how distributed ledger technology is already starting to reshape the industry to the point that Trusted Third Parties’ roles need rapid redefining, and moderating a panel to examine a fundamental question - If Trust is in the network, what’s the point of you?

Quantum computing is the theme of Day 2, with Dr Leda Glyptis, Chief of Staff at 11:FS, as our Day Anchor. As quantities of data grow exponentially and more and more analysis is demanded, can quantum computing overcome the limitations of current supercomputers? Together with our world-renowned quantum experts, we’ll go from quantum today to quantum tomorrow – and even take a leap into the lesser known, looking at quantum the day after tomorrow.

Diana Paredes, CEO and co-founder of Suade, will cover AI on day 3 of our programme. She will look at the potential of AI and its power, not only from a technological perspective, but also diving deeper into the more complex ethical issues that surround artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Duena Blomstrom, Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder, Emotional Banking™ and PeopleNotTech, will take to the stage on the final day of the Innotribe programme to host our cyber day. Innovation and technology are pioneering a new tomorrow, but without a radical re-thinking of the way we handle security, will we be able to survive? What steps do we need to take, what are the potential stumbling blocks on the path to securing the future? We’ll also hear from Apple about how the flip side of cyber – privacy – is core to everything they do.

Join us for Innotribe at Sibos!