Sibos Update

Leading Australian bankers look ahead to Sibos 2018 Sydney

Dr Leila Fourie, CEO, Australian Payments Network, and Gordon Sparrow, Head of Financial Institutions, Westpac, were invited on to the Sibos Today programme on the final day of Sibos 2017 to discuss their expectations for Sibos 2018 in Sydney. 

They discussed the topics that will be high on the conference agenda at Sibos 2018, including open banking, cybersecurity, digital identity, and how increased collaboration between banks and FinTechs can help to improve the customer experience.  

Sparrow highlighted the growing sense of collaboration between banks and FinTechs, and how it is crucial to providing great service to clients. 

He said that in Singapore (2015), “we were worried about disruptors coming in and eating our lunch.” But in Geneva (2016) “we were starting to invite each other to lunch.” In Toronto (2017) “we were in the kitchen making lunch for our customers”, and in Sydney “we’ll sit down and have the lunch!”

Dr Fourie talked about how Australian policymakers are focused on open banking and APIs. She also discussed digital identity and cybersecurity as key topics.