Sep 15
Big Issue Debates

Managing change in a volatile world

Looking ahead to Wednesday’s Big Issue Debate at this year’s Sibos

We live in a time of geopolitical and technological change. Innovations in technology are presenting challenges and opportunities; geopolitical tensions are meanwhile rising, and play an increasingly influential role in finance, technology, economics and regulation.

As banks continue to re-evaluate their correspondent relationships to stay on the right side of sanctions legislation, a new set of challenges is emerging for financial markets.

This session will examine how the inextricably linked global capital markets, transaction banking business and international financial system is managing these risks and how it is – and could be further – impacted by ongoing developments.

A panel of experts will discuss whether the financial reforms of the last few years will be sufficient to ensure that the financial industry is robust enough to withstand the threats of an increasingly volatile world.


SWIFT’s CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt provides a preview to the session.


Disruption, geopolitics, and finance: Managing the risks – Wednesday 14 October, 11:30-12:30

September 11, 2015
Big Issue Debates
September 15, 2015