Jun 18

Raising the cybersecurity bar in the journey to a digital India

New paper from SWIFT and Booz Allen Hamilton discusses the cybersecurity challenges on the way to a digital India

India continues to march towards its goal of bringing its 1.2 billion citizens into the fold of an all-digital economy.

Based on presenceless, paperless, cashless and consent-based layers of infrastructure the country is moving quickly to establish an open platform for government, businesses and citizens to transact in an efficient, reliable and secure manner.

But as the digital agenda of India is unfolding, the risks of cyberattacks are only growing and need to be addressed effectively.

In this paper, SWIFT and Booz Allen Hamilton look at cyber trends globally and India, risks that exist in correspondent banking and the solutions for the community to respond to these threats. It's useful reading ahead of Sibos 2018, where delegates will discuss the realities of the digital world.

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