Sibos Update

Sibos 2018 in full swing

Today’s highlights

Day 2 highlights from Sydney ICC included the first of the new Breakfast Keynotes with Parag Khanna, looking at the megatrends that are shaping the world of the future. Khanna demonstrated that connectivity is the new power shaping world events – along with the growing influence of mega-cities, which value connectivity highly. “Who controls the supply chain rules the world,” he said, noting that SWIFT is one of the sources of connectivity enabling growth and development across the globe. 
The week’s second Big Issue Debate ‘Is a ‘cyber 9/11 event inevitable?’ was moderated by Bloomberg’s Ed Johnson, with a panel featuring Troy Hunt (Independent Security Architect), Jacqueline McNamara (Telstra), and Dmitry Samartsev (BI.ZONE). Threat actors’ sophistication is never far behind the latest security innovations  As there is a huge financial incentive, information sharing is very advanced among cyber criminals and .co-operation and information-sharing across all stakeholders are essential to securing our systems. A vote revealed that  a clear majority of the audience expect a major cyber security event in the next 10 years.  
Innotribe spent the day delving into quantum computing with a series of sessions in the Discover Zone, including a Sensemaker gathering on the technology’s possible real-world applications, led by Anna Phan. The theme culminated in the Curated Networking session with Dr Leda Glyptis and the day’s anchor. Glyptis said, “Achieving the quantum computing dream would be the art of the impossible – but that utopia can be realised with significant funding, industry collaboration and will.” 

Coming up tomorrow

Get up early for the 5K Run and Walk sponsored by Oracle at 6am for those who have registered – full details of where to go are on 

The second Breakfast Keynote with Dr Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO of ADDO AI, is at 9am in the Plenary Room; and the Big Issue Debate’ Disruption in the payments landscape’ tackling how new technology and regulation will shape the future payments business, is at 11am in the Plenary Room. 

Innotribe’s theme of the day is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Curated Networking session (4pm in the Discover Zone) is led by Diana Paredes, founder and CEO of Suade; look out for the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge final in back-to-back sessions (2pm and 3pm, SWIFT Hub2): Australia-based students will present their solutions for securing banking data.  

Another conference session with relevance to all Sibos delegates is the discussion on The future of work at 14:00  in conference room 5

Remember that if you need to refuel on the move, the ICC has five Pit Stops providing free food and refreshments for your impromptu meetings. There are four on L1 and a fifth on L4 featuring a large seating area.

And if you need to take a break, make your way to the Sibos Garden on L4. 

Social and networking opportunities  

Women of the World (WOW) networking event with a keynote by Nadine Lagarmitte, Global Head of Financial Institutions, Global Liquidity and Cash Management at HSBC – 5pm, Foyer L5. 

Innotribe ‘

’ networking event: Wild Life Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds – 6:30pm. Registration required!