Sibos exhibitors making a stand against climate change

Sibos exhibitors from across the industry are taking positive, innovative action to reduce their environmental impact.

A host of initiatives are in place to reduce the environmental footprint of Sibos 2019 London, from 100% biodegradable edible water capsules to planting trees to offset delegates’ travel. Exhibitors can play an essential role in this activity by signing up to the exciting Ecobooth Repurpose with Purpose campaign.  

The Ecobooth team will collect stand materials that participating exhibitors can’t reuse and transform them into picnic benches for schools local to this year’s venue, ExCeL London. If every Sibos exhibitor filled just one Ecobooth bag with their single use stand materials an estimated 6 tonnes of waste could be saved from landfill. Exhibitors can repurpose graphics, banners, signage, laminate, flooring, acrylic, vinyl and foamex boards.

Exhibitors can also donate furniture, stationery, plants and greenery and technology items to ExCeL London partner organisation Community Food Enterprise (CFE).

Exhibitors in action

Sibos exhibitors from across the industry are taking positive, innovative action to reduce their environmental impact.

AutoRek is working with Ecobooth to reduce stand waste, donating flooring, graphics, banners, panels and signage. It will join Sibos in providing re-useable water bottles to delegates to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles consumed. People can stay hydrated using the water fountains around ExCeL London, and tea and coffee will be provided at AutoRek’s stand in eco-friendly cups.

The Natixis stand will be made of wood and plants, and to minimise waste all flooring, wall panels, doors, electrical fittings and any other recyclable materials will be reused or donated to charity. It has also initiated a charity partnership to support reforestation projects. Select clients will be given a pencil of seeds to plant and invited to donate to the NGO Planète Urgence to fund the planting of trees and support the protection of the environment. 

Société Générale is minimising waste by selecting lasting, quality materials for all stand giveaways, consumables and catering. It will use recycled materials wherever possible, and through Ecobooth and CFE, re-use and donate waste materials. The company will offset carbon emissions from air travel and, as part of the French ‘FAIRe’ programme, will promote responsible communication through positive, inclusive messaging on socioeconomic issues. 

Temenos is partnering with Ecobooth and RADAR for its stand design and build, made exclusively from responsibly sourced materials that will all be either reused, re-purposed or recycled after use. The stand will be completely zero waste and incorporates positive-impact features including furniture made from ocean waste plastic, soft furnishings 3D printed from recycled plastic drinks bottles and a living wall packed with air purifying plants to help provide cleaner air for everyone at Sibos.

National Australia Bank is investing in biodegradable and compostable coffee cups and recyclable lids for their on-stand barista activity, partnering with Melbourne-based coffee client St. ALi Family, an industry leader in direct relationships with farmers, for a second year. National Australia Bank will also showcase its client Monji Tea, which provides employment to homeless women from Women's Community Shelters in Sydney to hand fold its tea-bag tags.

The SWIFT stand at Sibos is designed with sustainability in mind from start to finish. The materials used will be from renewable sources, and wastage during the production process will be minimised. Furniture, lighting and audio visual equipment will be hired locally and graphics will be digital where possible, or 100% recyclable, to be repurposed by Ecobooth. All props and accessories will be donated to charity after the event.

Additional exhibitors working with Ecobooth include Banking Circle and Crown Agents Bank.

Make a difference today

Help protect our environment and sign up for Ecobooth to reduce your exhibition stand waste today. The special offer participation cost of £495+VAT per exhibitor includes a call to assess your stand’s available waste materials and collection of materials at the end of Sibos. You’ll also be awarded a certificate of involvement. For more information or to register please contact:

To donate any furniture, stationery, plants and technology items that are no longer required to CFE, which helps charities and community organisations in the Newham area of London, please email for further information.

If you would like to flag your CSR activity at Sibos for potential inclusion in future communications please contact Please visit the CSR page on to find out more about the Sibos commitment to protect our environment, care for the community and promote equality & diversity.