Discover Zone

Sibos fires up the Connection Machine

The Discover Zone at Sibos 2018 will feature more than 80 FinTech companies from Asia Pacific and the wider world. Each one has been selected for its pioneering solutions and expertise in its particular field.

But we appreciate just how fast your Sibos agenda fills up, and FinTech, while fascinating, can be a complex subject to navigate.

In order to help you quickly find relevant FinTechs in the Discover Zone and build meaningful relationships with them, we are introducing something new: the Connection Machine.

The Connection Machine is a bold new concept that applies innovation to networking. It provides a value-added service that will match your bank or institution’s specific needs directly to the FinTech exhibitors that could help you set up exploratory meetings at Sibos, whilst saving you time.

Located at the welcome desk by the entrance to the Discover Zone on L4 of ICC Sydney, you will be able to visit the Connection Machine to discuss your concrete challenges and priorities over the next 12-18 months.

Based on their understanding of the companies in the Discover Zone, the Connection Machine team will then recommend one or more of them and introduce you with enough context to help get the conversation started. This won’t just be based on the FinTech’s current suite of products, but also their wider capabilities, which can be harnessed in the long term to help solve your problems.

In a nutshell: come and explain what you want to do, and the Connection Machine will tell you who you need to talk to.

Bringing more efficiency to networking

The Connection Machine will be run by Namita Bhide, Founder of Denim Consulting, who has been associated with FinTech since before it was known as ‘FinTech’.


Namita is a renowned financial services leader with over 20 years’ experience in innovation, payments, digital transformation and risk & compliance, across both buy and sell side.

In her most recent role, she was the global lead for innovation for Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank, supporting all business lines and responsible for engaging RegTech companies to help overcome challenges

“The Connection Machine aims to create value-based connections that could move rapidly through proof of value to implementation,” said Namita. “We want to assist in building meaningful relationships to set up a long-term play.”

“This is what Sibos is all about – bringing the financial community together to work collaboratively and to solve for problem.”

Starting the legwork

Drawing on her deep knowledge of both the banking and FinTech worlds, Namita is working with her team in the run up to Sibos to analyse the companies in the Discover Zone.

“We’re getting a sense of their sweet spots and producing a heatmap of their capabilities as a first step prior to connecting with Bankers,” explains Namita. “In a second step, we will engage bankers on their needs, with a focus on the problem areas that they are going to prioritize in the next 12 to 18 months, and try to match them with FinTechs exhibiting in the Discover Zone.”

“The Connection Machine is hinged on starting a truly meaningful conversations, not clever algorithms or fancy apps. You need that chemistry. People want to work with people they like, and who get what you’re trying to do.”

The Connection Machine can be found by the entrance to the Discover Zone on L4 of ICC Sydney, between Monday 22 and Thursday 25 October. Find out who is exhibiting in the Discover Zone by checking out the exhibitor list on