Sibos hackathon: Open Banking needs open minds

Introducing the Sibos hackathon, putting developers at the heart of financial ecosystems

This year during Sibos week, developers from companies across the globe will descend on the dedicated Developer Park next to the Innotribe stage for the Sibos hackathon. The hackathon, which commences at 09:30 on Monday 23 September, will be a buzzing hub of activity that explores the technological possibilities of tomorrow.

With some of the world’s most respected experts gathered in one space, developers from companies exhibiting in Discover will form teams of four or five, collaborating across firms, borders and cultures. Representing a broad cross section of the financial services sector from old to new, big to small, 20-25 developers in total will take on the challenge of the inaugural Sibos hackathon.

Unleashing their creativity and harnessing the possibilities of Open Banking and APIs, the participants will break down the walls between business and technology to craft solutions to future industry challenges relating to security, identity and payments. Who knows what mashup application the teams will be able to come up with? Meanwhile, tea, coffee, refreshments and all the comfort of the Sibos catering will be at hand to keep the participants nourished and their minds sharp to unlock lateral insights. 

Delegates can also stay tuned to the progress of the hackathon teams at the daily update sessions, live from the adjacent Innotribe stage at 16:30 every day. On the final day, Thursday 26 September, Sibos attendees will vote for their favourite project at the grand finale, which forms part of a curated Innotribe networking session starting at 12:00.

Throughout the week, Oracle, Tink and SWIFT will be volunteering technical support for the hackathon participants, along with the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) who will be providing access to their expertise.

Bringing together stakeholders from across the financial community, Discover aims to spur innovation, connections and collaborative developments. Central to this is Innotribe, offering a glance forward in time to the world of 2030 and beyond. The Discover stage then bridges that future by showcasing innovation happening today, with the hackathon being about not just talking the talk.

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