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CN Tower from the MTCC

Sibos hits Toronto for Exhibitor Day 2017

The MTCC hosts this year’s exhibitors as preparations gather pace

Representatives from this year’s exhibiting companies gathered in Toronto last week to meet with the Sibos team and plan for Sibos 2017.

More than 140 attendees visited the MTCC to check out the venue and scope out their on-site activities for delegates in October.

Head of Sibos Sven Bossu opened the day’s agenda with a look ahead at the new features planned for this year’s event.

“Our focus is to keep the event living through constant enhancements. In the last four years, we’ve implemented 83 changes,” he said.

One of the major changes for this year is that an entire floor will be built up as a living FinTech Marketplace, where startups from Canada and beyond can showcase their innovations and liaise with industry figures. 

Exhibitor Day

He also outlined the impact that Sibos has on the host city, bringing in around 50 million Euros to the local economy.

The day gave exhibitors an opportunity to network and discuss the value that Sibos brings to their organisation in terms of connecting with both existing and new clients, and offering the chance to share their perspectives with the wider financial community. 93% of attendees, when surveyed after the event, said that the day met their expectations in terms of information and services provided.

Look out for some of their thoughts in Sibos News later this year.