Sibos Update

Supporting the local community, environment & economy

Sibos is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and contributing positively to the communities that host the event each year.

Sibos 2018 in Sydney was no different. From the start of planning, Sibos worked closely with ICC Sydney’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team to develop innovative initiatives that helped to meet social, environmental and economic goals, focusing on everything from recycling to community engagement.

ICC Sydney’s commitment to sustainability was recently recognised by the US Green Building Council, who awarded ICC Sydney with a Gold Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

By partnering with local charities and companies, Sibos enabled over 150 exhibitor stand items, 170 potted plants and more than 2,500 meals to be donated to local communities in Sydney, while the Waste Diversion initiative created an overall waste diversion rate of 62.5% - a record result for an event of the size and scale of Sibos.

Sibos 2018 CSR initiatives achieved some eye-opening results:
• 1,120 tonnes of fertilizer produced from organic waste
• 15,200 plastic water bottles saved across the event by using glass pitchers in all meeting rooms
• 855 kilograms of food donated to people in need, which represents 2,564 meals for families. 

Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney, said:

“Hosting Sibos at ICC Sydney was an operational triumph in all respects, including meeting the event’s sustainability targets. It required meticulous planning for many months and we are delighted to report these targets were exceeded.”

“With our Legacy Program in place, and our strong partnership with BE Sydney, we have the tools, connections and frameworks to support event organisers to deliver on their social, environmental and economic goals and drive meaningful results, just as we have at Sibos 2018.”

To offset the CO2 footprint generated by delegates travelling to Sydney, Sibos partnered with WeForest to create a tree planting campaign to develop forests, which are often described as the most effective way to cool our planet.

As a result of the campaign, over 130,000 trees will be planted, 156 hectares of forest restored and 30 KT CO2 captured over a 20-year period. Sibos will also plant further trees to compensate for the travel of employees to the event.  

For every delegate who visited the SWIFT stand throughout Sibos 2018 to take a commemorative photo, SWIFT donated €30 to The Girls & Boys Brigade, a charity that helps children and young people in need of a helping hand by providing education, recreation and activities that build life skills. 

A total of €40,000 was donated to the charity, with an additional 4,000 AUD from the Australian community during the Closing Plenary Challenge.

Chantal Van Es, Head of Sibos, said:

“Supporting the host city’s local communities and environment is an essential part of the Sibos philosophy. Every year we strive to create a positive legacy that lasts for generations to come.”

“The ICC Sydney team has done an outstanding job helping us to realise this vision and connect us with local charities and businesses to reduce the environmental impact of Sibos and maximise the social and economic benefits for all.”