SWIFT Innotribe reveals the concept behind its forward-thinking programme for Sibos 2018

This year’s SWIFT Innotribe programme is taking a leap to the year 2030, with each of the four days featuring a different theme examining the capabilities that today’s nascent technologies can bring to the industry and how they can be integrated securely.

Day one is all about trust, with a specific focus on the shift from centrist models to decentralization as a new form of trust. Attention turns to quantum computing on day two, with a deep dive into the practical applications of quantum and what is coming next.

Day three will look at the interconnectedness of everything and the future of artificial intelligence (AI). The provocative programme will explore contextual banking in the ever-popular Future of Money session, as well as looking into the future state of AI, and the ethical implications of advanced Machine Intelligence.

The final day will bring all of these pieces together – data from decentralization, the processing power of quantum computing and the decision-making abilities of AI – to discuss the best way for the industry to secure this future state whilst respecting our collective privacy.

The programme is further bolstered by the introduction of new session formats, such as the ‘Curated Networking’ sessions which will enable you to delve into these issues with like-minded professionals from around the world.

In the following video, Kevin Johnson, Global Head of SWIFT Innotribe, highlights the thinking behind this ambitious concept and discusses Innotribe’s location at the heart of the Discover Zone, where you can mix with FinTechs, universities and bank innovation labs to meet the next generation of collaborative partners.

The full Innotribe programme is now available on