Talent Thursday: connecting the talent of today and tomorrow

Talent Thursday is a new initiative to bring together today’s experienced senior leaders and experts with the next generation of talent in finance.

At the heart of Talent Thursday is a commitment to bridge the gap between present and future, across people, traditional banking, ecosystems, business and technology. Throughout the day Talent Thursday will bring all relevant stakeholders of the financial community together by offering a combination of forward-looking content, networking and experiences that will allow all attendees to learn, connect and enjoy from the early morning to the closing plenary.

Compelling conference content and top quality networking will encourage critical dialogue and facilitate the exchange of new ideas to shape the future of financial services. Unforgettable networking experiences will include the Talent Thursday morning rundown, the escape room challenge and the showcase Sibos closing event to ensure existing and new talent from across the industry has the opportunity to meet, exchange perspectives and expand their networks.

Chantal Van Es, Head of Sibos at SWIFT, says: “The collaboration and exchange of views between today’s leaders and the next generation are fundamental to understand and address the societal changes, challenges and opportunities that impact our industry; to unveil which talents and skills will be needed to successfully tackle these; and to ultimately build bridges between generations and maximise all industry stakeholders’ potential. There is no better way to enhance the Sibos community feel than to create a space where expertise, experience and new perspectives blend together to fuel the conversation about the future of our industry. Talent Thursday is the platform offering the most accurate snapshot of the dialogue between the industry shapers of today and tomorrow.”

Talent Thursday programme

The Talent Thursday agenda will complement the existing programme, with an additional layer of content and experiences focused on the main forces that will determine the long-term future of the financial industry. The programme will centre around three key themes:

  • The Human element: talent, skills and inspiration

The programme will explore how diversity of thought and skills is key to today’s evolving society and the importance of bridging the gap between technology and humanity to ensure the future success of the financial industry. It will discuss the diverse range of talent and experience needed to create successful platforms, products and services to meet evolving service requirements and customer expectations.

  • Banking for a better world

The Spotlight Stage will host sessions throughout the day to debate how the industry can work together to ensure that it ‘walks the talk’ to deliver meaningful change for the benefit of society as a whole. Topics covered will include financial inclusion, green banking, the need for diversity and ethics and trust.

  • Technological disruption and future of business

Successful collaboration between the industry’s current senior leaders and the next generation, supported by new technologies, will bring opportunities for evolving business models and services. But it also brings new challenges and ethical dilemmas, for example when it comes to privacy, security and trust.

With these topics at the forefront, Talent Thursday becomes an unrivalled platform in bringing the present and future of the industry together to discuss, reflect and engage.

Jen Tippin, Group Director, People and Productivity at Lloyds Banking Group, a participant company for Talent Thursday comments: “Championing and harnessing talent is vitally important to creating a successful workforce and Talent Thursday is a great opportunity for some of our most gifted individuals to learn from a wide array of speakers across financial services and beyond. Within our commercial banking division, we have a number of internal programmes to help nurture talent including the Global Transaction Banking Academy targeting the development of our leaders of tomorrow. More broadly, as a Group we are passionate about supporting our colleagues to achieve their full potential, and we have various leadership programmes in place to support our public goals for advancing women and BAME colleagues into our senior management positions in the future.”

You can find out more about the Talent Thursday programme, here.

To give new attendees the chance to join the Sibos community for the first time, all exhibitors can purchase 10 specially discounted tickets, with additional tickets available on request. Exhibitors should contact for more information. Organisations who are not exhibiting can also benefit from the tailored Talent Thursday programme at the normal day pass price.