Sibos Update

Three topics that will shape this year’s Sibos

Lynn Mathews, SWIFT Board Member for Australia, has spoken of his excitement as Sibos prepares to return to Australia.

Ahead of Sibos’ third visit to the country, following events in 1997 and 2006, he talked about three big topics that will shape this year’s programme.

•    Collaboration between financial institutions and FinTechs. Lynn highlighted how the future is filled with opportunities for collaboration, with FinTechs developing the technology that will help the banks expand and meet customer needs. The Discover Zone at Sibos 2018 will bring together many of the latest innovations.

•    The journey to instant payments. With SWIFT gpi improving the speed and transparency of cross-border payments, and the New Payments Platform (NPP) revolutionising Australian banking with real-time payments, Lynn sees payments modernisation as a major topic this year.

•    ISO 20022 migration. Migration has already started, with market infrastructures developing systems using ISO 20022, and banks incorporating ISO 20022 into their new developments. Lynn thinks that Sibos will be the place where the industry creates the roadmap for further migration.

Lynn also took the opportunity to discuss the city’s top attractions, such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, and advised delegates to take a few days around Sibos to enjoy what the country has to offer: