For nearly three decades, Asiamoney has been the voice of the banking and capital markets industries in Asia. During that time, our publication has been instrumental in covering the stunning developments in finance in the most exciting region in the world. As Asia’s bank and the markets they operate in reach new levels of sophistication and maturity-often outstripping and overtaking more established financial markets globally- it’s time for Asiamoney to follow suit by moving on to the next level. Launched in 1989, Asiamoney’s aim is to bring in-depth, authoritative coverage in the Asian markets. Each issue contains independent reports on the region’s banking sectors, interviews with leading bank chief executives as well as finance minister and central bank governors and industry benchmark surveys. Asiamoney’s prestigious polls and awards identifies which banks and non-financial institutions across the region have excelled in a range of core banking and business performance activities over the past year. In short, we commit to ensuring that Asiamoney remains the authoritative voice for the banking industry in the region.