Is a ‘cyber 9/11’ event inevitable? (Big Issue Debate) - 23 Oct 2018

The World Economic Forum has put cyber-security and fraud as top threats for the entire world. The sophistication of threat actors is increasing at a seemingly exponential rate, massive data breeches are almost common place and we are reaching cyber security scenarios where everything can be used as a weapon, and anybody could be a target. But are we still waiting for the ‘big-one’, the seismic ‘cyber 9/11’ event that changes everything? Do we have the tools, the collective mind set and legal provision to win against this cyber-geddon tsunami, especially if it targets central financial infrastructures?

Ed Johnson, Managing Editor for Australia / New Zealand, Bloomberg
Troy Hunt, Independent Security Architect
Jacqueline McNamara, Head of Cyber Security, Telstra
Dmitry Samartsev, Chief Executive Officer, BI.ZONE