If you’ll be travelling from outside of China to Sibos 2024, it's likely you'll require a visa, unless you are from a visa free entry country. Please note visas are valid for a limited time only. Please ensure the dates for your visa are relevant to the period you'll be visiting the event.

As it stands today, various countries can enter China visa-free for 15 days (Austria, Belgium, Brunei, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland). Many more countries may be added to this list in the following months.  

For information on obtaining a visa for Sibos 2024 please visit here, this site will lead you to your local Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

Once you have completed your registration on sibos.com, you will be able to download the visa invitation letter needed in the application of your China visa. Please contact visa.support@sibos.com if you require additional support.