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Visa requirements

Passports and visas: Forward planning is essential!

When planning your trip to Sibos 2017 Toronto, please ensure that you allow time to fully review and understand the visa requirements for Canada.

Visa and entry requirements for foreign visitors

We recommend that you first review the information provided via
SWIFT can support by supplying a visa letter to those with a paid registration. Please follow the instructions during the registration process. SWIFT will not provide invitation letters for visa purposes.

eTA - Electronic Travel Authorization

Canada has recently introduced the eTA (similar to the USA’s ESTA system) and you may be required to submit an online application in advance of travelling to the country.

To apply, you’ll need to log on to the Government of Canada website using the following link

The cost for an eTA is around $7.

It’s important to use the official link provided above. There are other links on the internet through which you can obtain the eTA but costs are much higher (around 40 Euros).