Participant pricing and criteria

Week-long participant pass

EUR 3,200

One-day participant pass

  • Full access to the conference and exhibition for one day
  • Please note: a maximum of two one-day passes may be purchased per person
  • Participants wishing to attend for more than two days must purchase a week-long pass
EUR 1,400 per day

Lunch pass

  • Available for both week-long and one-day pass holders
  • Lunch passes may also be purchased onsite
EUR 50 per day

What’s included with your week-long or one-day pass?

  • Entrance to the Sibos conference and exhibition
  • Access to the Sibos closing event on Thursday 8 October 2020 (for week-long pass holders and Thursday day pass holders)
  • Complimentary transportation for week-long pass only
  • Complimentary onsite luggage storage at the venue
  • Access to Sibos Tools through and the Sibos App. Connect with your global peers, and build your own personal programme. Other useful features include an interactive venue floor plan and a ‘share business card’ function via the Smart badge

Who can attend Sibos?

Sibos is organised by SWIFT, a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. As a neutral cooperative, SWIFT is defined by its community of users around the world. SWIFT events are designed to meet the needs of this community.

All accredited SWIFT members are automatically eligible to attend Sibos. Companies and individuals outside of the SWIFT community, such as fintechs, press and those with specific business interests, are welcome to join, provided they meet certain criteria. Follow the intuitive registration pathway to find out more.

Once your registration is complete, you will be able to book accommodation at one of the official Sibos hotels.