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Sibos Privacy Statement

Latest update: August, 2016 
(The words with capital letters are defined in the Sibos Registration Policy.)

The processing of your data (in general)

SWIFT (with registered office at Avenue Adèle 1, B-1310 La Hulpe, Belgium) is committed to protecting your privacy needs. This Privacy Statement explains how your personal data is processed by SWIFT when using the Sibos Tools and registering and participating to Sibos. In this regard, SWIFT will process all your personal data in compliance with the Belgian Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 and the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46.

In general, SWIFT will process your personal data supplied during your Sibos registration, including registration on the Sibos Tools, for purposes relating to your Sibos registration and hotel reservation (including securing your event registration, hotel registration and local destination management as well as facilitating registration to and organisation of following Sibos events), administration, security management, accounting, record keeping, to offer Sibos related products and services (such as the Sibos Tools), for conducting surveys and, more generally, for the exercise of SWIFT's obligations, rights and remedies as set out in this Privacy Statement and the Sibos Registration Policy.

For these purposes, SWIFT will process the following data pertaining to you: your last name, first name, job title, company name, attendance dates, contact details (e-mail address, mobile number …), photograph (to be put on your picture-ID badge for security purposes) and credit card details (in case of an hotel reservation).

In addition, SWIFT will only (further) process your personal data if you have voluntary chosen to do so as explained below.

Sibos Tools

In general

Subject to the Sibos Registration Policy, you will receive access to the Sibos Tools which include (i) the Sibos 2016 participants list, (ii) including the restricted pages for delegates, the Sibos Exhibitor portal, Sibos registration and the Conference Content Management (CCM) and (iii) the Sibos Mobile Application (Sibos App). The Sibos Tools are made available to you for networking, preparation of the event, and follow-up purposes and allow you in particular to contact and exchange information with other Sibos participants and exhibitors.

The Sibos Tools include all, by default, the following information per participant: last name, first name, job title, company name and the attendance dates.

The Sibos 2016 participants list

The Sibos 2016 participants list includes the information mentioned above of all participants and will be made available to all Sibos participants, speakers, Sibos Media Partners, and Exhibiting companies (“Sibos Attendees”).

During the online registration process, you can –by changing your privacy setting under the section “Sibos Networking Tools”- choose to add the following extra personal data to the Sibos 2016 participants list: your e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and mobile number. By clicking “YES” in your privacy settings, this data will be shared with the Sibos Attendees for networking purposes. By clicking “NO”, this additional personal data will not be shared. In this case, only your name, function and company will be mentioned on the participants list which will be distributed to all Sibos Attendees to allow them for example to select their most appropriate staff to send to Sibos. In this regard, they will not be allowed to use the participants list for their own direct marketing purposes.  

You can update your setting and change your personal data at any time through until the end of 2016.

Direct Marketing

SWIFT may use your contact details provided in the Sibos 2016 participants’ list and your data collected during Sibos for sending you (personalised) direct marketing communications related to its own services and products (unless you have exercised your right of opposition as explained hereunder).

In addition, you can authorise SWIFT –by choosing YES under the section “Marketing Information”- to share your contact details with the Sibos Exhibiting Companies and the Sibos Media Partners for the purpose of allowing them to send you e-mails in order to present their products and services directly to you. By opting-out (choosing NO) you do not authorise such sharing.

If you choose YES, note that some Exhibiting companies and Sibos Media Partners may be located in a country outside the European Union which does not provide the appropriate safeguards according to the relevant privacy legislations. When choosing YES, you consent as well to the transfer of your data to such countries outside the European Union.

Upon transferring your data to the concerned Exhibiting Companies and Sibos Media Partners, SWIFT is not responsible anymore for what they are doing with your data.


In addition to the Sibos Tools, SWIFT will allow you to access and use the free Wifi of the conference centre. You are required to use the WIFI legally, professionally and in accordance with the Code of Conduct (as provided hereunder) and the Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy, in a way that would not violate the right of any third- party or create any interference on the network.

In accordance with the Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy, The Wifi is monitored for security and quality control purposes. In this regard, only your IP address and traffic data are initially processed (without any link to your contact details). Only if further investigation is needed, your personal details will be used in order to contact you to gather further information or to discuss our concerns, and/or issue you with a formal warning.

In certain instances, SWIFT may be legally required to give information relating to your activity while using Sibos Wi-Fi services to competent authorities, regulators and law enforcement agencies in order to comply with any legal requirements. In cases of serious breach, SWIFT may report you (and disclose your personal information) to the authorities or any competent law enforcement agency.”

Location Data

When enabling Bluetooth on your device, making use of the Geo-localisation services of the Sibos App and you are present in the convention centre, your location data can be processed. The Sibos app does not support continual tracking of your location. When present in the convention centre, the floorplan will enable you:

  • Show your location in the convention centre;
  • Allow you to create and/or plan a route from any location within the convention centre to a specified location;
  • Receive personal notifications based on your whereabouts in the convention centre.

SWIFT does not use location data of its participants for other purposes than the services described above. In addition, we will not share your current location with other users, partners or any other third party not acting on behalf of SWIFT.

The first time you access the Sibos App, you will be required to provide your consent for the Geo-Location services. By giving your consent, the service will be activated – provided you have enabled Bluetooth – and you agree to the terms set herein.

You can reject Sibos’ Geo-Location Services the first time you install and access the Sibos App. Alternatively, you can simply disable the Geolocation services by logging in and going to go to the “Me Section” > “MyProfile”, and disabling Location. Users that are not logged in can disable the Geo-Location services by turning off their Bluetooth connection.


Photographs and videos

In accordance with the Sibos Registration Policy, SWIFT reserves the right to photograph and videotape all Sibos events and participants and to use and license such photographs and videos in any internal and external communication referring to Sibos, such as on its websites and intranet, on the Sibos Tools, in the Sibos Issues, Sibos Programme, Dialogue issues, Exhibition Guide, Wrap-up report, and in its annual reports as well as on social media channels such as Twitter, Flick'r, Linkedin, Facebook or YouTube for advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes related to SWIFT’s business, products or services. By consenting to the Sibos Registration Policy, you have consented to such uses.

Badge scanning


The badge scanning technology that SWIFT uses at Sibos detects your passage through a Sibos checkpoint. Your badge contains merely a unique identifier which is recorded on a central server each time you pass a secure Sibos checkpoint.

The data collected by your badge scanning based on your details will allow SWIFT to manage the entrance and security of the Event.

SWIFT will also scan your badge to evaluate attendance to sessions, lunches, and the Event in general. SWIFT will only use such data for purposes of evaluating the Event, for SWIFT products and services and for future Sibos editions.

By Exhibiting Companies

In accordance with the Sibos Registration Policy, Exhibiting Companies can order separately a Lead Retrieval Device that allows them to scan badges of Sibos participants as to obtain reports on attendance.

This device is licensed to the Exhibiting companies for the purpose of scanning Sibos participants' badge only on their stand location or at a location where the Company is organising event, cocktails, dinner. The Exhibiting companies are not authorised to use the device in any other area, such as in conference rooms or in the Open Theatre.

Scanning of your badge by an Exhibiting company should always be done with your express consent. By scanning your badge, the Exhibiting companies will collect your first name, family name, institution, location and e-mail address. This information should only be used by the Exhibiting companies for the purpose of evaluating attendance and to present their products and services directly to you by e-mail.

Ratings and surveys

Any Sibos participant using Sibos Tools will –on a voluntary basis- be invited to rate the sessions and speakers and to participate to any surveys related to Sibos. The rating and survey results will be aggregated and processed by SWIFT for statistical purposes and published through the Sibos Tools (in aggregated form).


SWIFT reserves the right to sub-contract (a) part(s) of its data processing operations related to the registration to Sibos and the use of the Sibos Tools to third party service providers. In such case, the appointed third party service provider may only process your data on behalf and under the instructions and sole control of SWIFT.

You acknowledge and agree that, where SWIFT sub-contracts part(s) of its data processing operations to a third party service provider, this may involve the transfer of your personal data to a country located outside the European Union which does not provide the appropriate safeguards according to the relevant privacy legislations. You hereby consent to such transfers.

No further sharing of your data

Notwithstanding the forgoing, SWIFT shall not disclose, sell, rent or exchange your personal data to any other organization or entity, unless you are first notified and have expressly agreed with it, or unless as otherwise required by law or requested by government agencies, such as law enforcement authorities, for example in the framework of a judicial procedure.

Your Data Protection Rights

Your personal data will be kept by SWIFT for three (3) years upon the end of Sibos 2016. After these three years, your personal data will be deleted.

During this period, you have the right to consult and correct your own personal data and can oppose to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

You may exercise these rights by sending your request together with a proof of your identity to SWIFT's Privacy Officer ( Until the end of 2016, you can as well update your own privacy settings and change your personal data at any time through

Registration by a Central Coordinator

If you provide as a Central Coordinator personal data of another person to SWIFT for registration purposes, you shall ensure that (i) this person has been duly informed about SWIFT's right to process such personal data as set out herein and has been provided with the present Sibos Privacy Statement (ii) such personal data are collected and supplied in accordance with applicable legislation and without infringing such person's or any third party rights and (iii) you have obtained his or her prior consent for registering him or her to Sibos.

In case you are registered to Sibos by a Central Coordinator, you will receive a temporary username and password by e-mail and be requested to change your password upon your first log-in. This will allow you to determine your own privacy settings in accordance with the present Sibos Privacy Statement. Note however that the Central Coordinator who has registered you will also still have access to your personal account (with his or her own account and password).

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This Sibos Privacy Statement will be updated each year and without prior notice to you. SWIFT will indicate at the top of this Sibos Privacy Statement when it was most recently updated.

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