Education: Cybersecurity 101 - Outwitting ingenious attackers

Cyber threats to payments are evolving fast, and are increasingly focused on exploiting weak payments processes and unsuspecting people, as well as vulnerable IT systems.

This talk will give examples of some recent (anonymised) successful attacks against financial institutions and the methods used by the attackers. In describing the attacks end-to-end it will illustrate the range of controls needed to defend against them - and dispel some myths as to the effectiveness of some traditional security controls.

Forward compatibility

Forward compatibility is a capability to plan ahead for gradual adoption by an ecosystem. This is about knowing HOW to get to the new/next destination:

• How do you rally the main stakeholders of the ecosystem into a rigorous system and process innovation? Process innovation is different from process-, datamodel-, or messaging standardisation. It is not about standardising the existing, and guaranteeing backwards compatibility. It is about co-creating a new reality


This interactive workshop is designed to familiarise the audience with the concept of “Thingclash”: when things on the Internet of Things (IoT) start to clash because they have not been designed to work together. The facilitators will both introduce a critical mode of thinking about the interactions between people, systems and the IoT. In essence, this session is a call for interoperability standards for the IoT.

Emerging technologies for financial services

In this session, we will share the results of a research initiated by Innotribe around emerging technologies, introducing the key findings and learnings, and the visualisation tool.

The different technologies will be mapped on different time horizons, and the tool will highlight the inter-connections between them. Every technology will come with a navigation card detailing its relevance to the financial services industry around 10 different impact vectors - with a focus on cyber-security and distributed ledger technologies.

Data management - The quest of the endless journey

For financial institutions the journey for more transparent, high-quality, relevant, timely and cost-effective data will never end. In such endless quest, it appears that a strong data management strategy grants access to the most reliable road towards meeting regulatory requirements and improving market intelligence. However, long-term market analysis and complex compliance objectives are unlikely to bring rapid growth and lower operating costs. In the meantime, is there a shorter road where firms can head to obtain immediate benefits and show growth?

Technology trends in financial services

Financial institutions count on technology more than ever to handle the increasing complexities of business, to satisfy customers' need for convenience and to abide by increasingly complex regulatory rules. This session will feature the latest technology trends and advances, what cascade effects they will have on IT Operations to effectively deliver services to the business.

DevOps – Continuous delivery: Hype vs reality

Although DevOps and Continuous Delivery are at the top of the hype cycle in the internet world of business unicorns and fast-growing startups, there remain important questions about its suitability in financial systems and environments with value at risk.  In this session, our panel will debate how DevOps and Continuous Delivery tools and processes can be leveraged to support the high demand for product innovation and change while ensuring the security, reliability and integrity that online financial services require.