ISO 20022 harmonisation charter signing ceremony

The ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter was published during Sibos 2015 in Singapore by SWIFT and a number of key Market Infrastructures. Since then over 20 MIs have endorsed the charter, confirming their intention to apply the charter best practice principles in their adoption projects. Recently several additional MIs have confirmed their endorsement, and this will be officialised and communicated during this short ceremony with these MIs.

Audience Discussion: What should we learn – or reject - from disruptors?

Come to this interactive session, in which our audience will discuss some of the opportunities, issues and experiences from the previous session as well as sharing their own experiences, in order to distil some key learning points for the standards community about our role in innovation and disruption.
The audience will be divided into groups, where a moderator will launch a discussion around common questions. At the end of this session the moderators will give a summary of key insights and highlights of their group discussions.

On the drawing board – Data ethics in the internet of financial things, with Scott Smith

The Internet of Things is well under construction; and it is already yielding a few useful lessons as we review our own multi-channel banking services.
Data Ethics and Semantic Integrity are not just convenient labels. They are essential characteristics of an Internet that Works, let alone one that pays.

ISO 20022 - An end-to-end success story

A quiet revolution has been brewing in the UK. Retail investors have become empowered and enabled to move their investment fund holdings between administrators, managers and platforms – in turn, to make it possible to chase the best value in investor services and thereby optimise their outcomes. ISO 20022 has played a critical role – this session is for anyone looking to launch or join a standards initiative, for inspiration and reassurance!

The corporate debate: Banks should stop differentiating non-competitive services

Most banks believe that they have standardised their product offerings to the general satisfaction of the community - yet the view from the corporate treasurer is that more should be done. In this panel discussion we’ll explore the current standardisation landscape and learn more about which initiatives are in play to further meet the needs of the Corporate Treasurer.