Are disruptive innovations transforming the financial services landscape, or are we simply in the middle of a new technology cycle?

Since being propelled into the spotlight in 2009, the FinTech industry has grown exponentially and now stands at more 12,000 FinTech companies worldwide. Whilst the drive and passion of the founders of these companies is as strong as ever, the mood inside has changed from one of disintermediation to collaboration, accompanied by a shift in focus from front office to back office innovations.

Enhancing the cross-border payments experience in B2B

Committed to enhance the cross-border payments experience of their corporate customers, financial institutions worldwide have joined forces in 2016 in SWIFT's global payments innovation (gpi) initiative. The promise of a faster and more transparent payments service is keenly anticipated by many corporate treasurers. Expectations are high and there is plenty of appetite to build on this industry initiative to tackle further payment challenges.

Comply with SEPA regulation now and discover how SWIFTRef brings entity data identification to the next level

The IBAN Only rule has disrupted the foundation for straight through payments processing where the availability of accurate BICs and IBANs and the capability to derive the BIC from the IBAN is proving to be a challenge for financial institutions. At the same time, increased regulatory requirements necessitate more reporting, prioritisation and transparency of entity data management.

Cognitive business and the future of financial services

Every bank today – indeed, every business – is seeking to become “digital.” They are adopting analytics, mobile and social technologies – aiming to capture the economic value of the world’s great new natural resource of data. But what happens when every bank is a digital bank, every insurer a digital insurer, every store a digital store? What will provide differentiation and unique value?

Bringing down barriers – Simpler corporates onboarding with MyStandards

Join this session to discover how MyStandards simplifies onboarding projects for both banks and corporates. Hear from first-hand experiences how the self-service testing capabilities offered by the MyStandards platform helps reduce risk, time and effort for all parties involved in onboarding projects. In this panel discussion you will learn how to overcome this common challenge and understand why more than 65% of the top 20 banks in this field are using MyStandards as a cost-effective solution to improve the onboarding of new customers.