DLT and cybersecurity: Sibos week wrap-up

In this session, we will summarise all DLT and Cyber-Security sessions of the week, spotlighting key highlights and learnings through videos and live scribes.

This wrap-up will be immediately followed by our Innotribe closing keynote with Dr. Douglas Rushkoff, Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens, technology and media commentator for CNN, digital literacy advocate for Codecademy.com, and a renown lecturer on media, technology, culture and economics around the world.

Forward compatibility

Forward compatibility is a capability to plan ahead for gradual adoption by an ecosystem. This is about knowing HOW to get to the new/next destination:

• How do you rally the main stakeholders of the ecosystem into a rigorous system and process innovation? Process innovation is different from process-, datamodel-, or messaging standardisation. It is not about standardising the existing, and guaranteeing backwards compatibility. It is about co-creating a new reality

Emerging technologies for financial services

In this session, we will share the results of a research initiated by Innotribe around emerging technologies, introducing the key findings and learnings, and the visualisation tool.

The different technologies will be mapped on different time horizons, and the tool will highlight the inter-connections between them. Every technology will come with a navigation card detailing its relevance to the financial services industry around 10 different impact vectors - with a focus on cyber-security and distributed ledger technologies.

Patterns of disruption in wholesale banking

Managing the unexpected or "how to predict and anticipate the improbable threats that could devastate my business?”

This is the question that keeps us up at night. We fill our days with managing the expected, the things we can control by having the right talent and resource at the right place at the right time, developing the right capabilities and solutions whilst maintaining margin, growing revenues and delighting customers. These expected challenges are challenging enough. But what about the unexpected, the disruptive?

Innotribe week opening and Industry Challenge on Securities

Innotribe has provided powerful insights on innovation to our community since 2009, highlighting the emerging trends poised to transform the financial services industry.

Join this session (interactive and facilitated conversation between our speakers and though-leaders) to get an overview of the Innotribe programme this year, covering topics from disruption patterns and modern organisation to man-machine convergence and platform cooperation.