Talk over lunch: Digitising your organisation, a way to incentivise innovation? Come and hear the NEXEN initiative carried out by BNY Mellon

With its open-source NEXEN platform, BNY Mellon is transforming its people, processes and technology to accelerate software development and Innovation. Meet Mr. Saket Sharma over lunch and learn how NEXEN will change the industry in the way that Salesforce and Amazon changed theirs. This session will definitely give much food for thought.

Talk over lunch: How do you turn idea into reality? Let’s get building with F10 Fintech incubator/accelerator powered by SIX

Come to this talk over lunch session to learn from Andreas Iten, SIX, how F10 has been successful in productising ideas into the market. Discover the journey undertaken by SIX and the Swiss banks to make “Paymit” ready for the marketplace and hear what are the lessons learnt from this experience.

Discover R&D@SWIFT: Bringing alive the SWIFT gpi payments Tracker and Observer

Driven by over 75 global transaction banks, the global payments innovation initiative (gpi) will dramatically enhance the customer experience in cross-border payments. A payments Tracker, showing gpi payments progress in real-time as well as an Observer showing adherence by gpi banks to its rulebook are already under development to make this a reality. Join this session to discover the first proto-type and plans for these game-changing developments!

Get insights into SWIFT products: Market Infrastructure Resiliency Service (MIRS)

Join us for a unique demo of MIRS, SWIFT’s robust and cost-effective RTGS back-up solution, which helps you to ensure business continuity and bolster resiliency of your payments system.

This demo of MIRS is the ideal complement to the ‘SWIFT Solutions for High-Value Payment Systems Resilience’ Auditorium session [Wed 28 Sep at 14.00].