Profile Software: A FinTech approach for Alternative Finance

Presenting cases where FinTech organizations as well as Financial Services can take advantage from the provided Core Technology and Functionality ensuring that their operating environment supports key business needs such as:
• Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance
• Loan Trading on the secondary market
• Open APIs
• Payment Services and different payment providers

Zafin: Transaction banking in 2020: Four raw ingredients, one successful recipe

What does the future of transaction banking look like? If we push pause on emerging hot topics, such as Blockchain, for a moment, what are some tangible, day-to-day strategies that you should be thinking about today to grow your business? Join Zafin's Robert Poirier, SVP of Europe, as he explores four key "raw ingredients" transaction bankers need to be successful in 2020: 1) Do the basics well; 2) Make changes on your terms; 3) Alert you when you're off track or need to take action; and 4) Enable your digital strategy.

Syracom: Faster, quicker, realtime: Payments go instant

There is a clear trend around the globe that faster payment facilities are put in place in local communities. The young generation of bank-customers expects all areas of life, including payment / banking capabilities becoming faster and to be available from any place in the world at any time. The session looks at the latest evolution in that space and the impacts for financial institutions.

CGI: Maximising ROI in payments modernisation

Payments modernization programs are among the most risky, complex, and expensive projects that financial institutions undertake. Why do so many of these programs either fail outright or fall short of stakeholder expectations? Even when deemed “successful” they still frequently provide the ROI and value late in the delivery cycle. This often then leads to a risk of missing the original requirement as the market has moved on.

Allevo: The trendsetter bank

What does a bank need to do to become a role model for the industry? The trendsetter bank is not a follower or a copycat, it is a reference for the entire FinTech ecosystem. It pleases and surprises its customers and it is trusted because it complies to regulations. In the backend, it has completely automated its internal workflows and it is agile and flexible enough to quickly integrate new technologies. It prefers open source technologies, eliminating the proprietary factor from the equation. This is what enables it to focus on delivering state of the art services to its customers.

National Settlement Depository: The evolution of corporate actions processing in Russia

Changes in the Russian legislation on corporate actions
∙ Development of corporate actions reform: advantages and challenges for issuers and professional market players
∙ E-voting: increasing transparency of issuers’ actions, improving the quality of governance and interaction with shareholders and investors
∙ Corporate actions reform: enhanced corporate governance of Russian companies

Equiniti: RegTech in an increasingly digital world

This session from Equiniti will focus on RegTech in an increasingly Digital World and will include:
- Sharing perspectives on Regulatory Compliance within the UK Financial Services market.
- The future of RegTech- Equiniti’s view on the marketplace and where it is going.
- Sharing research findings on the customer perspective on mobile and digital banking. This research was undertaken in conjunction with Monzo and YouGov.

ECS Fin Inc.: Reaping the benefits of an efficient payment system

The implementation of an Enterprise Payment System does not have to take 4-5 years, excessively large budgets, expensive infrastructure or large commitments of professional services. Instead, you can try IMS Solutions.
There is a lot more to moving money efficiently and securely than creating and sending out instructions. The industry has taken a fragmented approach in the name of Hub, Factory, Platform and Gateway introducing unnecessary risks and unwarranted travel of data between systems.

Eggsplore: The new way of working - Ecosystems and platforms

The aim of this session is to illustrate how, in an ever more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, new ways of working in a sharing and ecosystem based economy should be a priority.
The corporate environment, and especially in financial services, is changing and evolving rapidly, as banks are carrying a heavier regulatory burden, are more at risk of being disrupted than ever before, and are witnessing tremendous changes in customer behavior.