Breakfast with Sir Tim Berners-Lee - The Internet: past present and future

Since specifying and developing the building blocks of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, Sir Tim Berners Lee has maintained a strong commitment to open and free web access – notably through the formation of the World Wide Web Foundation in 2007 – consistent with his initial vision of an “open, universal space, where anyone, anywhere could take their ideas and bring them to like without having to ask for permission or pay royalties”.

Bridging DLT and SWIFT messaging with – Innotribe Industry Challenge 2016 winner

As DLTs mature, it is becoming increasingly clear that no single platform will replace a significant end-to-end financial business process in one step. Rather it seems increasingly likely that DLT will work with other automation technologies, including messaging and APIs. In this session we hear how the 2016 Innotribe Industry Challenge winner proposes to bridge DLT platforms with ISO 20022-compliant SWIFT messaging.

Why We Do User Experience (UX) at SWIFT

Today, user experience (UX) has become an integral part of SWIFT’s product design and development processes. But it wasn’t always like that. We used to believe that UX is not something that concerns a B2B company like ours, we talked to our ‘customers’ rather than ‘users’. Most of the SWIFT message traffic was – and is still – handled automatically by STP software, why should we care about the human operators? Doesn’t everybody know what an MT103 is? User experience has come a long way to become a pillar of success in the B2C world and it is now impacting most B2B businesses too.

Instant payments over SWIFT with Alliance Messaging Hub

Everyone wants to be able to pay who they want, when they want – increasingly while they are on the move; instant payments make this possible. With our unique position at the heart of the industry, SWIFT has unparalleled experience of working with its banking community to build strategic instant payment solutions that can be replicated across multiple markets. This lab session will show you how SWIFT is supporting its member banks to meet this instant, 24/7 challenge, using Alliance Messaging Hub Instant.

Exploring SIEM support in SWIFT Alliance with a Splunk Proof of Concept

As part of SWIFT Cyberlab programme, this session will explore how to leverage the new features of Release 7.2 such as Common Event Format (CEF) logging and other useful SIEM features to improve your Security Operations Centre (SOC) capabilities to detect cyber threats related to your SWIFT infrastructure. This session will explore those and You will also get a chance to see a live PoC showing a Splunk prototype implementation that includes dash boards and monitoring queries. Join us and discover how this could help further secure further your SWIFT Alliance infrastructure!

Name Screening service: Solving PEP and sanctions challenges using leading technology and data, within a secure and simple hosted tool

SWIFT’s new service helps institutions mitigate sanctions risks, and helps them identify which of their clients, suppliers, etc. are politically exposed persons when screenings individual names and entire databases. The services allows our clients to access sophisticated workflow, audit, and hit reduction in a hosted tool.

Discover how SWIFTRef can support regulatory reporting and due diligence

SWIFTRef allows financial institutions and corporates to streamline their payment messages. Today, SWIFTRef data can also be instrumental in helping you cope with regulatory pressure and due diligence requirements. Join this session to find out how our portfolio of reference data continues to evolve to address your needs beyond payment data processing. You will discover more specifically how the latest addition to the portfolio, SWIFTRef Entity Plus, can support your entity data management, regulatory reporting, risk management, and due diligence activities.

Post Trade Risk Alerting: Meet an innovative new service that eliminates operational and regulatory risks

Working in collaboration with our Securities and capital markets community, the PtRA initiative has looked to mitigate multiple forms of operational and regulatory risk with innovative detection techniques on live message payloads. In this session we will be demonstrating our progress to date with a primary use case example - real time SSI validation.

Sibos: Closing Plenary

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, will deliver the closing plenary address at Sibos 2017 Toronto on Thursday 19 October, with a look at how technology is profoundly impacting every aspect of our society and economies.