In conversation with Lieve Mostrey and Marc Bayle de Jessé

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Lieve Mostrey, Chief Executive Officer of the Euroclear Group and Marc Bayle, Head of the Directorate General Market Infrastructure and Payments of the European Central Bank. In this session, both will step back and discuss insights into their extensive agendas and address themes such as market infrastructure evolutions, opportunities for greater levels of efficiency and market harmonisation, the impact of geopolitical changes in the post-trade space, the role of FinTech, cyber and much more.

Post Trade Risk Alerting: Meet an innovative new service that eliminates operational and regulatory risks

Working in collaboration with our Securities and capital markets community, the PtRA initiative has looked to mitigate multiple forms of operational and regulatory risk with innovative detection techniques on live message payloads. In this session we will be demonstrating our progress to date with a primary use case example - real time SSI validation.

Sibos: Closing Plenary

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, will deliver the closing plenary address at Sibos 2017 Toronto on Thursday 19 October, with a look at how technology is profoundly impacting every aspect of our society and economies.

Sibos: Opening plenary

The welcome address will be given by our guest speaker, Dave McKay, President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada Mr. McKay’s address will be followed by the SWIFT plenary. SWIFT’s Chairman of the Board, Yawar Shah, and SWIFT’s CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, will share their perspectives on the last 12 months, the industry challenges ahead, and SWIFT’s role in addressing them.

New Frontiers: How the convergence of globalization and smart automation are transforming the way we work

Globalization and the expansion of smart automation (through robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.) have transformed the way that financial services firms are thinking about how work is organized and executed at organizational, operational, and human levels. What does this mean for the future of the industry, and how can firms navigate the change? Through sharing State Street’s experiences, this session will explore the skills, attributes and behaviors we need to ensure that talent management, service delivery models, and controls enable us to thrive in this new environment.

Taming the Elephants worldwide: How the global regions are each building the future in a new context

This panel explores how to tame the “elephants in the room” for our industry to progress.
Three likely “elephants” to explore are:
1. “New” politics: As we observe a shift from “left vs right” to “nationalist vs. internationalist” politics, shifts in U.S. politics and the Brexit in Europe, how do we shape conditions for our industry to progress?
2.Regulation: How can regulation keep market infrastructures secure while enabling them to advance? (Focus on the Central Securities Depositories Regulation.)

The future of the post-trade industry – escaping the scale trap

The post-trade space is set for a major transformation with the imminent arrival of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), new and nimbler players attacking high-value business lines and the ongoing budget pressures arising from regulatory challenges and ever-increasing client-push for better ROI.

Greater scale has always been perceived to be the key solution to all such pressures. But is it? Are there better, more sustainable approaches that the industry should implement? If so, what could they be? Join us as industry leaders outline what the future could hold.