Bridging DLT and SWIFT messaging with – Innotribe Industry Challenge 2016 winner

As DLTs mature, it is becoming increasingly clear that no single platform will replace a significant end-to-end financial business process in one step. Rather it seems increasingly likely that DLT will work with other automation technologies, including messaging and APIs. In this session we hear how the 2016 Innotribe Industry Challenge winner proposes to bridge DLT platforms with ISO 20022-compliant SWIFT messaging.

Business Intelligence for Banking: A portfolio of unique and powerful data analysis, market intelligence and decision support tools

SWIFT business intelligence offers a range of online reporting and analytical tools (Watch) for the financial industry, which draw upon unique and neutral SWIFT traffic data. Discover how with the Watch suite of products you can immediately consume and act upon information to better manage costs and correspondent relationships, look at market trends, benchmark and identify new product/country opportunities.

Instant payments over SWIFT with Alliance Messaging Hub

Everyone wants to be able to pay who they want, when they want – increasingly while they are on the move; instant payments make this possible. With our unique position at the heart of the industry, SWIFT has unparalleled experience of working with its banking community to build strategic instant payment solutions that can be replicated across multiple markets. This lab session will show you how SWIFT is supporting its member banks to meet this instant, 24/7 challenge, using Alliance Messaging Hub Instant.

Sibos: Closing Plenary

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, will deliver the closing plenary address at Sibos 2017 Toronto on Thursday 19 October, with a look at how technology is profoundly impacting every aspect of our society and economies.

Sibos: Opening plenary

The welcome address will be given by our guest speaker, Dave McKay, President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada Mr. McKay’s address will be followed by the SWIFT plenary. SWIFT’s Chairman of the Board, Yawar Shah, and SWIFT’s CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, will share their perspectives on the last 12 months, the industry challenges ahead, and SWIFT’s role in addressing them.

A practical guide to SWIFT security attestation

With all SWIFT users due to self-attest their level of compliance with SWIFT’s mandatory customer security controls by 31 December 2017, find out how your organisation can use the KYC Registry Security Attestation Application (KYC-SA) to submit your attestation. In this session we’ll demo the Application – providing you with the practical information you’ll need to manage your organisation’s self-attestation.

Big data: Be ready to empower your decision-making

Big data is drastically changing today’s technological and business landscapes across multiple market segments. To reveal the true potential hidden behind big data, the right amount of information from multiple sources needs to be wisely captured, stored and analysed near to real time. Only then will big data provide actionable insights to support your decision-making process.