Sibos: Closing Plenary

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, will deliver the closing plenary address at Sibos 2017 Toronto on Thursday 19 October, with a look at how technology is profoundly impacting every aspect of our society and economies.

Sibos: Opening plenary

The welcome address will be given by our guest speaker, Dave McKay, President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada Mr. McKay’s address will be followed by the SWIFT plenary. SWIFT’s Chairman of the Board, Yawar Shah, and SWIFT’s CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, will share their perspectives on the last 12 months, the industry challenges ahead, and SWIFT’s role in addressing them.

The growing significance of disruptive innovation and artificial intelligence

The effects of technological innovation within our industry and on wider society are of a scale never witnessed before. Commentators have spoken of a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that will transform both the workplace and our daily lives. Amidst this change, talk has shifted from disintermediation to collaboration - FinTechs and financial services cannot be separated. The FinTech sector relies on banks, as trusted partners, to help scale and perform the final mile of transactions.

The Future of Money

This year’s Future of Money debate will focus on data, how it creates value and how it’s used: Real-time data is fuelling rapid growth in the new economy. Data centres are the oil refineries of the digital age, extracting value from raw information in the form of predictive patterns and other insights. As social media platforms and data-driven start-ups use this digital oil to power targeted advertising and generate new services, so must the financial industry extract more value from their platforms and the abundance of data they possess.

Impact of nation first politics on global financial flows, financial organisations and financial regulation

The political landscape saw unprecedented upheaval in 2016 with unexpected results in both the UK referendum on exiting the EU and the US Presidential elections. More recently we have seen an unexpected turn of events unfold in the French elections, a ministerial reshuffle in India and even as we speak, the Communist Party’s 19th congress is ongoing in China. The changes these events are bringing about will undoubtedly impact both directly and indirectly on global trade and finance – but exactly what the medium-long term effects will be is still unclear.