Results at the top: Gender intelligence

For decades, the burden for achieving parity in leadership, whether in business, education, or government, has been placed squarely, and wrongly, on the shoulders of women alone. A new book, Results at the Top, aims to correct that by focusing on what men can and should do to support and champion the advancement of women into leadership roles. In this session authors Barbara Annis and Richard Nesbitt will discuss how sharing leadership with women produces superior performance in organizations.

Diversity in capital markets back-office operations

Diversity, in gender, age, nationality and culture, has a positive impact on a company’s ability to innovate. But is the financial industry doing enough to bring meaningful change in their back-office? How do you deal with millennials getting frustrated with old, legacy back-office systems? Will this generation, with their focus on positivity, innovation and interconnectivity change the workplace?

Surviving disruption in financial services

In these geopolitically turbulent times, businesses are faced with significant disruption from multiple sides - Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Cyber, Artificial Intelligence (AI). The financial industry is facing a period of unprecedented changes. Disruption demands innovation, but history is littered with examples where a lack of thought and experience has limited decision-making and curbed innovation. Businesses need the collective thinking of their teams, industry perspectives and new entrants to thrive and survive.